KIMBO Hip Brace Instructions for Use

Here you’ll find all the information you need to simplify your recovery experience with the Graymont X system.

Universal Wrap Instructions for Use

Freeze the SnoPak by facing the black surface down so that the air valve is facing up and exposed. Do not stack objects on top of the SnoPak.
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Opioid Safety Guide

Learn about how cold therapy helps to reduce the need for opioids and how to properly dispose of any leftover opioid pills.
KIMBO Hardware Removal

KIMBO Hip Brace With Cold Therapy

Watch this brief video that shows you how easy it is to use the KIMBO hip brace with integrated cold therapy.

KIMBO Hip Brace Don/Doff Guide Video

Watch this brief video that shows you how easy it is to put on, and take off your KIMBO hip brace.
KIMBO Hardware Removal 2

KIMBO Hip Brace Hardware Removal Guide Video

This video shows you how to remove the metal hardware from your KIMBO hip brace for relaxing at home wearing only the soft brace material.

The Chill and The Pill Opioid Safety Video

Watch this brief video that explains the risks and benefits of two different types of post-op pain management.


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