Our complete system of orthopedic recovery tools are designed to do one thing: help patients get back to full activity as safely and quickly as possible.

The Graymont X Difference

Recovery can be an afterthought when care providers are focused on getting the diagnosis and treatment plan right. As a result, recovery can get shortchanged with a path-of-least-resistance approach.

Now there’s a better, more efficient, more effective way. In collaboration with our physician partners, we’ve developed a total orthopedic recovery system of DME that reduces the need for opioids and promotes safer post-operative healing with integrated SnoPak Cold Therapy. Graymont X offers a holistic, systematic approach. From fitting to the finish line and every little step along the way. In short, we’re Reshaping Recovery—for patients and physicians.


Reshaping Recovery with a new systems based approach is no small task. Yet, the groundbreaking system we created proves our process is on point.


First we generate data inspired ideas. Then we pursue the ones that will have the greatest impact on recovery.

Development & Testing

Next, we create mockups and prototypes and test them until the test results and our expert advisors give us the green light.


With refined designs in hand, we partner with trusted manufacturers to build the product side of the system to our exacting standards.

The KIMBO Hip System

Not just a brace, a system.

The KIMBO Hip System has a cold-compatible hip brace and abduction pillow, and that’s only the start. Patients receive information to our educational Opioid Safety Program and learn how to safely dispose of their leftover prescriptions. Finally, our patented SnoPak provides reusable cold therapy to help stop pain by reducing blood flow to the injured site which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation, the cause of pain.

The Graymont X Orthopedic Recovery System

  • Complete DME brace line with integrated SnoPak Cold Therapy technology
  • Latex free/100% non-toxic
  • Easy to follow patient fitting How-to videos
  • Staff training video series (in development)
  • Opioid safety certification program
  • Safe opioid disposal partnership program
  • Post-op support
  • Supplemental SnoPaks for purchase
    by patients online

Better patient outcomes. Better everything.

The Graymont X system has been designed to give you and your patients an exceptional recovery experience. It’s a system that goes well beyond a new standard of DME with integrated cold therapy. It includes training videos, patient how-to videos, and a library of helpful post-op resources. All of which results in better patient outcomes. And something more. Blank space in your schedule—aka free time. You don’t have to imagine it. With the Graymont X system, you can actually have it. It’s just one more way we’re Reshaping Recovery.


Our partnership and collaboration with leading orthopedic and medical professionals sets us apart. Through every stage of our DME product development, we rely on the advice of world-renowned surgeons and thought-leaders of the industry to create better, more effective recovery solutions. Working as one, we’re committed to reshaping the patient recovery experience with our collective expertise.

  • Member foto
    M.D., M.S.

    Ajay Lall

    Dr. Lall is a board certified, dual fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and hip arthroscopy in the Chicago area.
  • Member foto

    Vehniah Tjong

    Clinical interests are focused on orthopaedic sports medicine with a special interest in hip and knee arthroscopy.
  • Member foto

    Geoffrey Van Thiel

    Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel’s orthopedic practice focuses on minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery of the hip, knee, and shoulder.
  • Member foto
    M.D., Ph.D.

    Jorge Chahla

    Dr. Jorge Chahla is an orthopedic surgeon based in Chicago who specializes in the treatment of complex knee, hip, shoulder issues and all sports related injuries.

Every detail considered. Many doctors consulted.

The Graymont X system was co-developed in continuous consultation with a panel of the top orthopedic surgeons and nurses. We asked for their input, and they didn’t hold back. Which is why we now offer a recovery system that moves the entire orthopedic recovery practice forward. By leaps and bounds.
Private Practice

Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel

Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIllinois

“I want the most effective and affordable recovery solutions for my patients. Graymont X delivers this through value based innovation.”

Surgery Center

Amy Barienbrock

Perioperative Manager, Orthopedic ONE Surgery Center at Easton

“The Universal Wrap and SnoPaks have been well received by our patients. They are easy to use and effective as a cold therapy option after orthopedic surgery.”

Hospital System

Dr. Vehniah Tjong

Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Sports Surgery, Northwestern University

“I’ve worked with the Graymont team for all of my DME needs; I’ve never had reason to look for another DME partner, but I can’t imagine there is anybody that provides the level of patient care and breadth of product offering that Graymont does.”


We know changing the status quo of opioid use in orthopedic recovery will take more than our own efforts. So we’re teaming up with the best partners possible.


Our system-based approach to achieving better recovery results for both patients and healthcare professionals is based on clinical research from leading medical professionals—as it should be. Read the research and see the data for yourself.

Opioid Safety Program

Learn about how cold therapy helps to reduce the need for opioids and how to properly dispose of any leftover opioid pills. Learn more about our program here.


Born For Better

Graymont X was born from the realization that recovery can and should be better for patients and healthcare providers.