Our system-based approach to achieving better recovery results for both patients and healthcare professionals is based on clinical research from leading medical professionals—as it should be. Read the research and see the data for yourself.

Opioid Education’s Impact 2 Years Post Op

Rothman Institute studied the impact of preoperative opioid use education on opioid consumption at a 2 year follow up interval with surgery patients. The study received a 2018 Neer Award. Read the summary.


The same drive that inspired the genesis of Graymont X also drives us to share insights we believe can act as a catalyst for change in the industry. Explore our collection of blog articles published here to help keep us all moving forward towards better methods of recovery.

BEYOND BRACES: How the Graymont X System Streamlines the Recovery Process for Care Providers and Patients

A lack of time to provide focused care is the most common challenge orthopedic specialists and their support staff face. With that lack of time and focus comes the potential for serious consequences for physicians and patients alike.  As a critical-care physician and a researcher observed wh...

From The Pill to the Chill: Why Orthopedic Recovery Is Shifting Focus From Opioids to Cold Therapy

Before the Covid-19 pandemic took over media coverage in March of 2020, a different kind of epidemic was seeping into the public consciousness. References to the “opioid epidemic” or “opioid crisis in America” were nearly as common in the years preceding the pandemic as re...