Brace yourself for a new era in ortho recovery.

Graymont X is Reshaping Recovery with a complete system of tools that go way beyond braces and wraps—saving you time and improving patient outcomes. Welcome to a whole new system-based approach to recovery. Welcome to Graymont X.
Orthopedic recovery tools have been stuck in the stone age. We’re pushing them into the new ice age.


Besides a system-based orthopedic recovery solution, Graymont X offers something no other DME manufacturers can—our integrated SnoPak Cold Therapy technology. Which means:

  • SnoPaks fit seamlessly into our wraps and braces
  • SnoPaks are part of the overall system
  • Less mess, less stress for patients and healthcare providers
  • More consistent use by patients, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists
  • Efficient reduction in post-op swelling
  • Marked reduction in opioid dependence

And that’s a game changer for everyone.

Every detail considered. Many doctors consulted.

The Graymont X system was co-developed in continuous consultation with a panel of the top orthopedic surgeons and nurses. We asked for their input, and they didn’t hold back. Which is why we now offer a recovery system that moves the entire orthopedic recovery practice forward. By leaps and bounds.
Hospital System

Dr. Vehniah Tjong

Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Sports Surgery, Northwestern University

“I’ve worked with the Graymont team for all of my DME needs; I’ve never had reason to look for another DME partner, but I can’t imagine there is anybody that provides the level of patient care and breadth of product offering that Graymont does.”

Private Practice

Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel

Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIllinois

“I want the most effective and affordable recovery solutions for my patients. Graymont X delivers this through value based innovation.”

Surgery Center

Amy Barienbrock

Perioperative Manager, Orthopedic ONE Surgery Center at Easton

“The Universal Wrap and SnoPaks have been well received by our patients. They are easy to use and effective as a cold therapy option after orthopedic surgery.”

Opioid Safety Program

Our safety program helps protect orthopedic patients from the risks of reliance on opioids. It just might be the most important way Graymont X is Reshaping Recovery. Complete the 5 minute Opioid Safety Program for 15% off your order.


Watch & Learn

Watch a short video that highlights what to expect after surgery and your options for pain management during recovery.


Take The Quiz

Take a quick quiz covering the topics discussed in the video to verify your knowledge of opioid risks and safety.


Share & Save

Receive and share your Certificate of Completion with your physician. Don’t forget to use your promo code at the end of the survey for a discount on your SnoPak purchase.


Resource Library

Find all the info you need to simplify your recovery experience with the Graymont X system.

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Recovery Assistant

Our Recovery Assistant, Chilly, is there to provide support and friendly reminders during critical points throughout your recovery journey.