Opioid Safety Program

Educating patients on effective alternatives to opioids during post-surgical recovery is a top priority at Graymont X. It’s why our Opioid Safety Program is a key part of our total recovery system.


Our safety program helps build awareness around opioid safety. It just might be the most important way Graymont X is Reshaping Recovery. Learn about the safe use of opioids and get 15% off your order.


Watch & Learn

Watch a short video that highlights what to expect after surgery and your options for recovery and pain management.


Take The Quiz

Take a quick survey covering the topics discussed in the video to verify your knowledge of opioid risks and safety.


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Receive and share your Certificate of Completion with your physician. Don’t forget to use your promo code at the end of the survey for a discount on your SnoPak purchase.

A system of safety

We’ve taken a systematic approach to supporting patients and healthcare providers by creating a three-part program that promotes opioid safety awareness and offers an alternative option for managing pain.

1. Pre-Operative Education is Key

Medical literature shows that educating patients about what to expect after surgery helps reduce both the duration and quantity of opioids used during recovery. Graymont X’s Opioid Safety Program covers the pain management options patients have, including cold therapy and opioid medication—referred to as The Chill and The Pill.

2. Reducing Opioid Reliance 

A clinically-proven pathway is through the proper use of cold therapy. Cold therapy stops pain by reducing blood flow to the injured site which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation, the cause of pain. Graymont X offers effective, affordable, and reusable solutions that help you recover better.

3. Graymont X Partners with DisposeRx

Using less opioids may mean that there are leftover pills. People of all ages can be impacted by improper storage and lack of disposal of opioid medication.  Proper disposal is important to keep people and communities safe. Graymont X has partnered with another USA-based company, DisposeRx to provide a simple and effective solution to disposing of leftover opioids.


See how easy it is to safely dispose of leftover opioid medication through our partnership with DisposeRx.

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Step 1

Add warm tap water.

To start, please note that medication being disposed of should not fill more than 1/3 of the original vial. Then, add water (pouring over medication) until the vial is 2/3 full. The top 1/3 of the vial should remain empty.

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Step 2

Add DisposeRx powder.

Empty DisposeRx packet into the vial with water and medication. Replace cap and shake for 30 seconds. Then, discard the entire vial into the trash. DO NOT consume vial’s contents.


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