BEYOND BRACES: How the Graymont X System Streamlines the Recovery Process for Care Providers and Patients

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From The Pill to the Chill: Why Orthopedic Recovery Is Shifting Focus From Opioids to Cold Therapy

Before the Covid-19 pandemic took over media coverage in March of 2020, a different kind of epidemic was seeping into the public consciousness. References to the “opioid epidemic” or “opioid crisis in America” were nearly as common in the years preceding the pandemic as re...

Game Changer: How Graymont X Built Better Braces By Collaborating With Orthopedic Experts

While there have been significant advancements in materials and manufacturing in the last few decades, the pioneering spirit of experimentation and improvement that gave rise to the invention of orthopedic bracing and DMEs has largely stagnated. It’s safe to say that in hospitals and clinic...

Cryotherapy Study Shows Pain Management Gains with Compression

A study originally published in The Journal of Knee Surgery looks at the efficacy of cryotherapy combined with compression in ACL repair cases, versus standard cryotherapy alone. Read the summary.

Patient Education Materials Study Shows Gap in Recommended Reading Levels

A recent study looked at the content and quality of online patient education material related to postoperative opioid use in pain management. Read the results in the summary.

Changing Patient Behavior in Disposal of Excess Opioids

A surgical center partnered with a nonprofit agency to study the behavior of patients in disposing of excess opioids prescribed to them following outpatient surgery. Read the summary.

Are Opioids Always Necessary? This Post-op Protocol Study Says Maybe Not.

A recent study (2021) assessed the efficacy of nonopioid pain protocols versus opioid control in mitigating postoperative pain following knee surgery. Read the surprising results in the summary.

Opioid Education’s Impact 2 Years Post Op

Rothman Institute studied the impact of preoperative opioid use education on opioid consumption at a 2 year follow up interval with surgery patients. The study received a 2018 Neer Award.…

Study Finds Optional Opioid Refills Leads to Safer Communities

A recent study examined the impact of prescription instructions on the consumption of opioids by patients following knee surgery. Read the results in the summary.